#Nerd #Podcast: Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show Season 1 Episode 4

Welcome to the Rusty Rocket Radio Show.  Strap yourself into a star-pilot’s acceleration chair for an extraordinary rocket ride into the mysterious heart of nerdomania.  From a dusty back-room of the Rusty Rocket tavern in Altair City spaceport on Altair 5, we bring you the most important news in the multiverse about movies, comics, books, games, toys and tech.  Highly unprofessional and badly produced by Captain Roy since July 2012

I’m back baby!  More nerd musings on movies*, TV, books, comics, games and tech. This week we have a special EXTRA long and uncut catchup edition where we discuss everything nerdy up to, and including, the kitchen sink-

  • Where in the World is Captain Roy?
  • Movies: The Cabin in the Woods, The Final Programme, Velvet Goldmine, FAQ about Time Travel, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, Dark Shadows, The Hunger Games, Gamer, Snow White And The Huntsman, Rock of Ages, Looper, Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars.
  • TV: A History of Violence, Red Dwarf X, Code Breakers: Bletchly Park’s Lost Heroes, Dexter, Fringe, The Walking Dead, Warehouse 13 and Misfits.
  • Comics: Barbarella
  • Books: Horns, Transitions, Surface Detail
  • Games: The Amazing Labyrinth, Tarot cards
  • Technology: iPad Mini, iPhone 5, Apple’s Maps App.

Download today’s episode directly, or grab the RSS feed, or wait a few hours and get it from iTunes (slooow- thanks again Tim).  If you want to see how I made the show, download this weeks copious show notes from this page.

Enjoy and please bear in mind that it’s been a while since the last podcast and boy, am I rusty.  You just don’t see this level of unprofessionalism anywhere.  So grab it while it’s hot (ahem).

*NB/ I mention having watched Looper during the podcast then completely forget to talk about it.  Duhhh!  Basically, it’s fun to watch… once.  The time-travel plot is completely illogical and all over the place though.  Wait for the rental.  And YES, my hair IS growing back!  It’s possessed!  Should I keep it?  I would also welcome listener feedback on the podcast and opinions as to whether I should use more exclamation marks in my posts.  Thanks!

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