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  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – Problems with an unevenly lighted display.  Reported at CNet and Techcrunch.
  • IOS 6 and 6.0.1 – WiFi-connection problems, though honestly WiFi problems have been a free feature of my iPad2 and iPhone 4S since IOS 4.3.3.  Thanks Tim.
  • iPhone 5: Chipped on arrival.  Reported at CNet.
  • Microsoft Surface: Splitting thin keyboard cover.  Reported at Wired.
  • IOS 6 Maps App – Rubbish: I know because I have used it and I’m ashamed to say that I thought it would be much better than Google Maps.  If you are not out in the boonies, try Waze which I reviewed back in July.  Google Maps will return to IOS sometime early next year.

From a pure cost/benefit analysis point of view, should the manufacturers tackle this catalogue of failure?

  • If you are Apple?  Hell no!  Why should they waste the cash if people continue to deify them?  Firing Scott Forstall for not apologising rather than downright incompetence?  Please!
  • Microsoft, with less fanboidom, might have to try harder.
  • Amazon?  Hell if I know.

Enough marketing, more engineering!

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