#UK #TV's New Witchy Comedy on #ITV2: #Switch Is Frothy Fun

I just caught the repeat of last night’s new supernatural comedy Switch.  OK, so I’m a bloke and this is quite clearly chick-TV, but I still found it enjoyable and frothy as an Italian soda.  It’s sort of like if the girls from The Craft hadn’t gone straight from dysfunctional to evil, and had instead grown up to become fairly pleasant, average twenty-something witches.  It’s also got a bit of the Charmed vibe, but it’s much more down-to-earth and really quite funny.  Production values are not amazingly high, but enough to drive the script.  I also like that it is a very London-centric series.   The first episode ends with the promise of a magical blitzkrieg between some hostile, champagne swilling Kensington nobs and our bohoish Camden-dwelling heroines.  I wouldn’t mind seeing more variety and weirdness to the girl’s spells (and more SFX/CGI), but it’s still promising and I liked Caroline Quentin’s turn as a bossy hippy-dippy mum.

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