.tek: Open Source Woes: #OpenOffice and #LibreOffice (#tech)

First, I’m a big fan of Open Source software.  I use a lot of OSS in my daily life, for example, I both regularly use and swap between the OpenOffice and LibreOffice office suites.  But why swap?  Well after getting sick of the grammar checker and a few other little irritants in OpenOffice, I recently switched back to using the megabyte-massive LibreOffice.  Word count in status-bar and a seemingly better grammar checker: BRILLIANTO, until I had to export a file to .pdf format.  Then CRASH-bang-wallop: the app hung like Billy Bunter doing the Tyburn swing.  I do wish the devs would sort minor things like this out before releasing software.  Of course, not all Open Source software is bug-ridden, but, there does seem to be a tendency with OS devs to not bother fixing bugs.   I’m back to using OpenOffice (again).

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