Radnor Wrong: #Sleeping Less When You Get #Older is a Myth! @wittertainment #movies

While listening to the latest Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews* podcast I heard Josh Radnor of How I met your mother mention that as you grow older, you sleep less and all I have to say to that is poppycock!  While it might be the case for most grownups, it is definitely not the case for me or my dad who is in his eighties.  We still sleep as long as most teenagers.  Interestingly though, when I was a teen, I remember sleeping a lot less than the average, required-by-law,  six hours.  Unfortunately that is about the only aspect of me that is aging in reverse, for example, my grumpiness has geometrically progressed with maturity, though I’m sure you couldn’t possibly know this from reading my cheery, chirpy blog.

Josh Radnor is presently doing the rounds promoting his new nostalgic, age-challenged romance Liberal Arts.

*Entertaining because I almost completely disagree with everything Mark says.  Not that I’d say anything to his face given that he looks like a fictional younger rocker sibling of the Krays. 

Mark Kermode

The Kray brothers

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2 Responses to Radnor Wrong: #Sleeping Less When You Get #Older is a Myth! @wittertainment #movies

  1. craft fear says:

    All my dreams are crushed. I was looking forward to those extra two hours daily to watch more terrible movies.


  2. Roy says:

    It seems to work for most people, just not bat-like night-dwellers like me. You should be just fine.


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