It's NOT #SciFi: Literary Snobbery

I was going to write a long posting about this particular bugbear that gets right under the skin of most SciFi fans, including myself, but a TVTropes article covers the subject thoroughly-

Sci-Fi Ghetto

Two notable authors guilty of this nonsense are Margaret Atwood with The Hand-Maid’s Tale and Kazuo Ishiguro with Never Let Me Go.  These works are, without the shadow of a doubt, absolutely Science Fiction. 

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4 Responses to It's NOT #SciFi: Literary Snobbery

  1. timotheous says:

    I’m immediately reminded of the late, great J.G. Ballard.


  2. Roy says:

    Yeah, Ballard, Burroughs, Carter, Dick, Vonnegut etc…; hardly writers of a genre that should be disrespected.

    P.S. Hey man, I haven’t heard from you for ages, how are you doing?


  3. timotheous says:

    Very good thanks Roy, getting the house ready for the baby’s arrival and busy at work. The apartments in Mauritius have tenants in now, so we’re glad for the extra income considering the costs of bringing up a child in the UK.


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