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Shoes Stolen at Temple

Years ago when I was a kid we used to visit a mandhir (Hindu temple) in London’s East End for the more important religious holidays.  Mum and dad always warned me never to wear my best shoes because they might get stolen.  Years later, I remember Radio One DJ Jo Whiley whining in disgust at having had her shoes stolen at a Corner Shop gig where concert goers were asked to leave their shoes outside as is the Indian custom.  I didn’t stop laughing for about a week.  Namaste sucker.  So remember don’t wear your best shoes to the mandir.

Talking of shoes, another good number of years ago, when I was getting outfitted for my marriage* ceremony, I asked the shop assistant which shoe (of the type above) was the left and which the right.  He told me that it didn’t matter, they are both the exactly the same.  Well it seemed funny at the time.


**but not short enough

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