#SciFi #TV Doctor Who: The Power of Three

I just watched the re-run.  Not great.  For a start there’s nothing frightening about a little box unless it’s the Lemarchand Configuration.  Then near the end of the show, as usual, the Doctor just waves his hands a bit and stops yet an another dastardly alien race wreak havoc.  It ended with the usual toadying to the glory of the Doctor, this time by the brigadier’s daughter, and then everyone went home happy.

This isn’t science fiction because there’s not even the pretense of any science.  It’s not fantasy, because even fantasy usually has an internal logic be it magical or otherwise.  It’s not even suspenseful as the Doctor never really stretches himself.  I mean- a slight flick of the sonic screwdriver?  Give me a break.

For the love of Gallifrey, someone please hire the brain of Morbius to write for Doctor Who.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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