#Rants of the Week: Killing iGoogle, EQL, #UK (Debt Collection Agency), Border Security: #Australia's Front Line

iGoogle – iGoogle is closing down, we’ve known this for months, but what precipitated such an unbelievably short-sighted move?  Actually I don’t have a clue, but this is the same company that wouldn’t give users the options to opt out of the threaded “conversation view” in Gmail for years (they do now).

Who comes up with these patently stupid ideas?   It beggars belief that within the hallowed wizardly towers of Google there is a special office/dungeon where some overpaid orc thinks up ways of annoying users.  Maybe they should extend their “Don’t be evil” (really?) ideology to “Don’t be Annoying”.


EQL – EQL is a debt collection agency in the UK.  Ever since we had a phone line in this house they ring every single day asking for “David Kelly”.  I constantly tell them that I don’t know a “David Kelly”, but they still keep calling despite having promised to take us of their “list”.

After a heated exchange this morning, I finally eked out the company name.  Of course, I had to endure a lecture from this moron about “data protection” first.  She also told me that we will no longer receive calls from them, but we’ll see because this is the fourth time I’ve heard that.

I swear if they call tomorrow, they are going to get a mouthful.

If you too are plagued by these Vogons, I found a forum with similar complaints and an enterprising user who has found the names and addresses of EQL’s officers.  Maybe we should start calling these guys at home and see how they like it.


Day-time TV in the UK – The worse thing about being at home, is day-time TV.  I have never seen worse day-time TV than what we get in the UK- gloaty, right-wing rubbish aimed at curtain-twitchers.  Lovely programmes like Dog the Bounty Hunter, UK Border Force and the creme-de-la-creme of evil TV- Border Security: Australia’s Front Line (AKA Nothing to Declare).  Let me tell you Australia, this programme is doing your country no favours at all.

Welcome to Australia

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