Service Announcment: Less Sick

Back on my feet and recovering from a hideous bout of whooping cough acid reflux from hell.

Other big news is that I’ve had a rather drastic hair/beard cut.  In fact it’s all gawwwn.  Compare this pic to my avatar.

At the moment I’m playing some free space trading video games, the spiritual descendents of Elite,  that I’ll review in an upcoming podcast and a newspaper article.

If you want me to talk about something SciFi related in the podcast, please let me know.

Anyone watching the Red Dwarf weekend marathons on Dave?

How about the new season of Doctor Who?  I’m watching, but his omnipotence is still wearing the drama thin.  I want to see the Doctor come up against a real foe (not the Master again).  How about the return of the diabolical Rani?  Any thoughts?

Oh yes and one other thing.  I must issue  an apology to the entire London Borough of Croydon for omitting Dubstep as being something worthwhile coming out of Croydon (apart from Terry and June).  My excuse is that I had been flitting about the world for many years (OK, and I’m deeply uncool).  The irony is that I may have even gone into Big Apple Records in Surrey Street a few times well before the big Dubstep explosion when I used to work in Croydon.  So, so unhip.

Being sick, I missed the end of the Paralympics, so I’ve been wearing my London 2012 baseball hat today in honour of the athletes.

Now I’m off to watch Hot Fuzz.

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