My Favourite Syndicated #Comic Strips

The Wizard of Id – I really can’t think of anything funnier than this strip.  Syndicated before the beginning of recorded history, this strip has entertained me since my age could be denoted with a single integer.   Miniature king with severe short-man syndrome rules kingdom badly.

Modesty Blaise – I used to read the Evening Standard, mainly for this and the entertainment pages.  Unlike Vincent Vega, I preferred the comic strip to the books.  International woman of mystery gets up to all sorts of jolly japes.

Axa – Scantily clad, post-apocalyptic, sword swinging siren.  And one of her boyfriends was a robot.  I used to read this in dad’s copy of The Sun.  It was the only thing that made this appalling newspaper worth a glance.

Garth – Brilliant Brit strip about dimension jumping non-dumb muscle man.  Think Doctor Who played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  His girlfriend is a goddess.  Literally.

Hagar the Horrible – Viking Hagar deals with everymanly issues.  Possibly the blokiest strip in existence.

Dilbert – Mais bien sur.  Like Scott Adams I also worked in a variety of cubicles.  Yes, it sucks and I’ve rarely met a boss who isn’t evil or thick as two planks to the power of ten.

Calvin and Hobbes – My most recent discovery (about seven years ago a mate recommended The Complete Calvin and Hobbes).  Instant addiction.  A boy and his toy tiger create chaos.  Sublime.

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