First Run: Total Recall Non-#Review #SciFi #Movie #Review

I said it would be awful in the podcast and I’ll say it again here.  The original was pretty dumb, but made no pretense of being anything other than a huge SciFi action flick and, in that way, it worked well.

But this movie with Colin Farell as an tough(ish) guy (puh-leaze) is so bleh I’m not even going to bother watching it- and I’m a person who watches everything. Yes, I’m not giving the movie a fair chance, but then studios seem to have stopped caring about giving us decent, original SF.  Besides, I’ve already seen the thousand minutes of trailers that Sony Pictures have seen fit to put out.

Also I heard the Colin Farell interview on the Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo Film Review on BBC Radio 5 along with the Kate Beckinsale interview on BBC 1’s TV Breakfast show a few minutes ago.  Colin sounded plausible and intelligent which only increases my cynicism, because he knows full well that his film choices have been crassly money-orientated, rather than in any way artistic choices and is trying desperately to intellectualise his career trajectory.  Kate, on the other hand, had, at least, the good grace to sound defensive, insecure and aggressive about the film.*

Total Recall is based on Phlip K. Dick’s short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, perhaps it should be changed to We Can Sell It To You Wholesale.   Oh buggeritall.

*I can say this because I shaved off my beard yesterday and Kate will no longer mistake me for lycanthropus and shoot me.

Colin gets his head examined

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