Second Run: Jennifer's Body #horror #movie #review

Look what my life’s come to- reviewing trashy horror movies on late night FreeView.  Self-pity aside, I’ve just watched Jennifer’s Body.  Four chainsaws, because it’s the kind of schlocky trash that works.  Funny, gory, with a flesh-eating, killer-cheerleader; what’s not to like?  Four chainsaws and not five because it is revealed later that the first high-schooler to be consumed is an Indian exchange student.  It used to be black guys, now it’s just any other non-white male.  I get that it might (possibly) be ironic (haha) because we only find out about this early fatality towards the end of the movie, but still… it’s late and I’m tired and irony-impaired.  And so what if he was in Juno like almost everyone else in this movie and they just had to give him a part?  Why can’t we just go back to killing blokes in red shirts?

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