.tek: Ouchhh! Arghhh! #Hair #Dye #Allergy

Last night, after *dying my hair, I fell asleep while watching a movie.  I woke up a little later with a headache and a burning pain around my mouth, sideburns and temples.  When I looked in the mirror, my lower-lip looked as swollen and red as that tee-shirt of Mick Jagger’s lips.  I should have taken some benedryl, but I stupidly just went to bed.  Luckily I awoke in the morning feeling better, but still very sore.

The solution?  For the first time in about ten years I picked up my clippers, removed my goatee and sideburns completely and scrubbed the skin clean with hypoallergenic wipes.

I did a Google search for “hair dye allergy” and, apparently, it is not uncommon and I was very lucky because the results can sometimes be serious.  Last year a woman ended up in a coma.

At least I won’t have to buy expensive and messy dyes any more.

My skin still itches and burns.

*I had used L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss: Ebony and I have been dying my prematurely grey hair for a few years now with no real adverse effects until this sudden intolerance.  I was luckier than this girl though.  

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