Second Run: CQ, The Birds, The Raven #movie #review

CQ – A terrible film saved from a zero rating this time because I love the the wonderful absurdity films like Barberalla.  OK, so this film is a parody of that movie rather than an homage, I get that, but anything that dredges up memories of that ridiculous, shiny and sublime movie scores something.  Jason Swartzman is brilliantly funny as maverick director Felix DeMarco.  The fact that I like the DeMarco character probably says more about my own failings and ego.  Wait… what failings?  I don’t have any.  I just forgot for a moment.  Hand me a Martini.  Urgh.  That’s disgusting.  Let’s party like it’s 1968.  Two chainsaws.

The Birds – Perfect filmic adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s chiller. If you are one of those that support the premise that a movie must adhere to the book, then you probably don’t agree with what I just said, but a film is not a book, it’s an entirely different medium. That’s why I  like the novel- The Shining by King, but completely disagree with his negative views on Kubrick’s adaptation, which I think is also very, very good indeed.  Obviously five chainsaws.  Passing thought- I’m pretty sure they made Tippi Hedren look a bit like a much younger version of Taylor’s slightly batty mother on purpose.  Or maybe I’m barmy.  Why this review?  Well, my mum watched it on the box for the first time tonight and also gave a thumbs-up, but perhaps a few less chainsaws than me because she didn’t like the open ending, but at least she went off to bed rattled by the movie.

The Raven – Much as I like John Cusack, this is pretty horrible.  Not Poeish or even slightly a romantic, gothic horror. High schlock value and my liking for Cusack save this movie from a zero rating.  Two generous chainsaws.  Can you hear something scraping in the walls?  I better go and check.  Bye.

I’m off to my laboratory for a few days.  I’ll have Igor man(?) the giant cross-bow mounted on Castle Mathur, just in case those pitch-fork wielding bumpkins get any ideas.

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3 Responses to Second Run: CQ, The Birds, The Raven #movie #review

  1. craft fear says:

    I love John Cusack but I’m worried that he is going the way of Nic Cage—made a few decent comedies then started devolving. Not that I’m equating their acting skills or anything. I still prefer watching JC on the screen.

    And the ending is possibly the best part of the Birds!


  2. Roy says:

    Thanks for the comment. Nic’s another actor I like enough to let some of his foibles slide.


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