Future Run: Star Trek Sequel, Red Dwarf X, Dredd 3D, The Hobbit & Piracy: Wake Up and Smell the Celluloid

Star Trek Sequel– Will the sequel be a remake of The Cage, Khan: Blah and Meh, Where No Man Has Gone Before or whatever?  Your guess is probably more informed than mine, but I’m still hungover.  I just hope another guy-who-isn’t-white doesn’t croak within the first few minutes.  I also hope that there are no more alien, tattooed, skinhead bad-guy-de-jours and that the plot doesn’t involve giant, Freudian, comedy syringes.

Red Dwarf X Teaser


Dredd 3D-I’ve said it before and I’ll snore it again: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The Hobbit– Dear Peter, as a brown nerd, I ask that you fix it for me to be in The Hobbit and not as someone evil or as sword-fodder.

Piracy: Wake Up and Smell the Celluloid–  The copyright whingers who force us to sit through that abysmal, alarmist, anti- piracy tripe before a cinema movie should stop moaning.  The pirates are doing you a favour by giving you a fair and global review of your movie in the harshest forum for movie criticism ever devised- the download page comments.   Man up.

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