Upcoming: Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show #Podcast Episode 2 #SciFi #Comics #Movies

Episode 2 should be out by Monday morning.  Subscribe to my RSS podcast feed or in iTunes.  I can’t guarantee quality, but I’m trying it booze-free this time.  So it could be even worse.

“Strap yourself into a star-pilot’s acceleration chair for an extraordinary rocket ride into the mysterious heart of nerdomania.

From a dusty back-room of the Rusty Rocket tavern in Altair City spaceport on Altair 5, we bring you the most important news in the multiverse about movies, comics, books, games, toys and tech.

Highly unprofessional and badly produced by Captain Roy since July 2012.”

*NB/ There is absolutely no reason for the picture of Gru above.

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