Starlord: The Rolls Royce of #UK #SciFi #Comics


I’m a notorious late-adopter, but in this one aspect I can honestly claim to having been a fanboy right from the very start.

When Starlord came out, I was still in short-trousers, but the moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  The comic book was in a very large format that I have not seen since.  The paper was weighty and glossy and saturated with deep colour.  The artwork was fantastic and the stories brilliant.  Strontium Dog and Ro-Busters started here.

I bought the first three issues of this comic, hung unto them for years until they were “accidentally” disposed of by mum in my teens.

Less than two-dozen issues later it was merged with 2000AD and both the format and print quality shrunk overnight.  Luckily the artists and writers remained, so stories like Strontium Dog continued.

Johnny Alpha lives!

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4 Responses to Starlord: The Rolls Royce of #UK #SciFi #Comics

  1. timotheous says:

    My commiserations Roy, unfortunately I too have a mother who “inadvertently” trashed a prized collection. In my case not comics (though I do have a decent collection of Bronze Age Marvel comics – Werewolf by Night #1 being a favourite), but my much loved collection of Letraset Action Transfers. These treasured items which to me were akin to pieces of exquisite art disappeared one weekend after an act of criminal negligence when my mum was clearing out “unwanted” items. My fault for not being more diligent in securing the collection I guess, but I was only 12 at the time. The good news is that I am not the only Letraset Action Transfers nut, indeed not, there are many of us. For your interest and edification, I present you to the Society for the Protection of Letraset Action Transfers (SPLAT:


  2. Roy says:

    Thanks Tim

    What were you supposed to transfer these pics to?



    p.s. You see why Superman has the Fortress of Solitude? It’s to hide his nerd hoad!


  3. timotheous says:

    One placed the transfers onto a pre-printed background to create a scene. Check out Cresorium Conflict at
    And Red Planet at


  4. Roy says:

    Cool, it looks so much fun that I just know I’d not be able to avoid using them.

    That’s the trouble with lot of things I had. I couldn’t just leave them in the box/wrapper etc…


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