Second Run: My Top #Werewolf #Movies


The Howling (1981)- It’s trashy and low-budget, but oddly disturbing and fun.  Patrick Macnee is in it!  Incredibly, it’s actually based on a decent novel by Gary Brandner that was published four years earlier.  Another sad loss from my long-gone book collection.

An American Werewolf in London (1981) – Two American students visit the Merry Olde Englande and… This is both the most entertaining movie about werewolves and the silliest.  It’s also got zombies.  Possibly one of the sources of my recent reality-challenged nightmare.

Ginger Snaps (2000) –  Great Canadian film, works well translating the triple-pain of being a teenager, being a girl and being a misfit into a blackly comic werewolf horror movie.

Wolf (1994) – Let down by terrible SFX and makeup, but nevertheless a mildly engrossing jaunt with an allegorical undercurrent of everyman breaking free from the heavy yoke of civilisation.  Did I just say that?  Sorry.  That sounds pompous, even to me, but you get the point.

I can’t believe that these movies came out so long ago, seems like only…

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