My #Marvel Gateway Drug: The Amazing #Spiderman Pocket Books Volume 1

These are the two Marvel pocket books that directly led to my life-long Spiderman obsession.  They came into my possession magically around the age of  seven or eight.  I say “magically” because I cannot honestly remember how I got them.  I don’t remember seeing these in the local shops, or recalling whether my parents bought them for me.  It’s strange because I tend to have a very good memory for nerd related stuff.  Perhaps they dropped into my poster-strewn kid’s bedroom through a tear to another dimension.  But there you have it- two small pocket books leading to decades as a Spidernut.

Addendum – Sadly, when I moved from Vancouver, I forgot to keep these books, as well as a 1977 Star Wars movie soundtrack cassette tape with inlay photos and a souvenir program from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  All were heavily used and worth nothing but sentiment.  Moving sucks.  I hope these items and everything else I donated went to a good home!

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