#UK #Comic Book Nostalgia: #Dandy and #Beano

I often mention that I was introduced to comics as part of my speech therapy.  It’s kind of my schtick – ask me about it sometime.

The first comic my dad bought me was The Dandy followed a little later by The Beano.

These comics were mainly comedy type strips, for example, The Beano featured mischievous Dennis the Menace and Gnasher as it’s cover story.  Though to say they were mischievous is a bit like saying that Loki in the Avengers movie was a bit misunderstood.  While The Dandy featured anthropomorphic, but fairly harmless and family-friendly Korky the Cat.

My favourite strips in The Beano were Roger the Dodger, whose raison-d’etre was to escape work and Billy Whizz, who could run really fast, which sounds a bit boring, but comedy always ensued and the art was very distinctive-

Eventually I went as far as sending off my pocket-money to become an official member of the fan clubs of each comic.  A little later I graduated to more grown-up Brit comics like Tornado, Starlord and 2000AD, which partly led to my interest in American comic books from Marvel and DC.

But it all started with the Dandy.

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