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I’m so tired this morning.  I finally got my podcast into iTunes and spruced up my main website. It all took a bit longer than I thought it would, but now I’m almost everywhere!  Apple have approved my podcast content as “CLEAN” which is something of a miracle as I was a little drunk at the time.  Even with the slurred speech I must have, at least, avoided swearing.  Miracle!  The first, and at the moment, only podcast posted in iTunes is pretty awful, but hopefully I’ll get better at doing them over time.  Wait,  must make my coffee…

Ahhhsia…. that’s better!

Later today, I’m going to Hobgoblin music in Crawley for a bit of window shopping.  As I mentioned before, in this blog, I fancy myself as something of a Maker and occasionally turn my hand to attempting to make musical instruments and other things for fun.  Well, the one amazingly difficult thing to find are zither pins- those tunable anchor pins found in zithers, lyres, small harps, psalteries, kantele and swarmandal etc…  If I can’t find any, then it’s eBay time.

I’ve also been feeling very sorry for myself this morning.  I’m deeply regret having to donate my nerdvana collection when I left Canada.  You see, I just couldn’t afford the shipping costs for hundreds of books, comics etc…  As it was, I ended up paying through the nose for a couple of boxes of freight.  Still, it’s done now.  When I next establish a nest somewhere, it’s going to be a somewhere more permanent so that I can build up another hoard.  This time I’ll jealously guard my stuff, my precioussssssssss.

Why the insane over-hash-tagging and what’s with Bhutan?  Well, the tags in WordPress do not seem to automagically transform into Twitter tags, so if you want to hashtag something for Twitter, you have to do it in the title of your post and I want more comments and interaction with readers.  Bhutan?  I’m interested in communicating with people from everywhere and I’ve noticed that if you hashtag a country, especially a small one, people from that country WILL actually visit.  I know this because I’ve been checking my blog stats.  Try it yourself.  The world is not just TwitterTopia, USA.


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