The Jaffa Protocol Revisited: #Syria @guardian @bbc

Ages ago I espoused The Jaffa Protocol as an escape plan that all  dictators should arrange should things go pear-shaped and the  pitchfork/RPG wielding unwashed, peasantry rise up and attack the presidential palace.  But, strangely no one is listening.

President Assad of Syria for instance.  He could have run off and ensconced himself in secretive luxury on foreign shores months ago.  Perhaps one of those nice Black Sea dachas (in friendly Russia); once the preserve of the elite Soviet Politburo (at least according to all those spy novels I’ve read).  But no, what does he do?  Keep fighting, razing half the country to the ground and further incensing an already rather annoyed populace.

Yeah, good luck with that.  There’s a long history of this kind stubbornness working.  Libya and Iraq for instance.  Sometimes it’s just better to throw in the towel and head for the beach in your private jet.

Would-be villains should start reading this blog, watching James Bond movies, reading Mark Walden’s HIVE novels and listening to Jonathon Coulter.  Mwah.  Ha.

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