Don't Poke The #Nerd: #Spam + Local #Councils @guardian @xkcd #rant

For the second time my comments have been marked as spam.  Have you read those articles on the net that encourage you to comment on other people’s blogs, online forums and newspapers etc?  Well, the first time I did this, I was kicked off XKCD.  A few months later I’m modded out by the Guardian for including a “spam” link.  Let’s see… was I trying to sell Cialis or a time-share on the Moon?  No I just linked back to my own, personal, non-commercial site.

The local council FINALLY picked up a huge backlog of garbage from in front of our house this morning.  All it took was a zillion phone calls, e-mails and finally contacting every single local councillor.

People!  Get your act together and get me a fricking coffee!

Thu. Jan. 30 2014 19:01


This post seems to attract the most visits to my blog.

While I appreciate the hits, I strongly recommend that you peruse the far more interesting Roy’s Rocket Radio podcasts.  I’m sure you will find that listening to all things of nerdly and geekly interest far more interesting than my woes with bureaucracy.




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