Latest Arghhhs and Yo, Ho, Hos from the #Olympics 2012

Arghhhs!   Apparently some Olympic sponsors with tickets have not bothered  turning up to events.  Nice one guys- zillions without tickets and you do this.

Archery event screwup meant that a bunch of people turned up for an event that they thought was free.  Nope, it was unticketed because it was closed to the public.

Yo, Ho, Ho!  I’ve done a bit of archery and it was nice to see legally blind, South Korean archer Im Dong-Hyun break his own record on Friday in the pre-opening ceremony qualifier.

How does he do it?  Well, although colour-blind and suffering from blurred vision, he can still distinguishing between bright target colours.  And, one thing you learn early on in archery is not to concentrate too much on the yellow centre of the target.  If you do, you will forget your form and miss horribly.  It’s called “gold-blindness” or “target-panic”*.  Obviously, poor eyesight does not equate with poor form.

Talking all piratey reminds me; Olympic sailing later this morning at Weymouth and Portland at GMT 12.00.

Enjoy your Sunday!

*In martial arts there’s something I like to call “Scary-Opponent-Panic”.  It’s why I prefer to bow to astigmatism and forgo eyesight while sparring.  Believe me, not being able to see the terrifying face of your opponent IS an advantage. 

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