.tek: Incredible #Tech Predictions: #Google, #Twitter, #Microsoft, #Ubuntu Face Disaster!

After getting annoyed at having my Tweets cut off towards the end of the Olympics Opening, I’ve been thinking about how internet services and apps have been changing at an exponential rate; evolution with the speedo stuck on a zillion miles per hour.

Remember the internet boom?  All those pyramid scheme companies, offering stocks to users, building up a huge user-base to boost their portfolio.  And then the bubble went ping.

More recently? Digg-  worth millions, then kablooey- $500,000.

With all the above in mind, here are my tech predictions for the next 12 months using the Criswell Algorithm and firing up my ajna chakra (I’m of Indian descent so I can do this.)

  • Google’s Search product is going to get taken out in a big way by some sharp little predator who will reverse engineer Google and then dump all the bloat.
  • FaceBook will get so annoyingly difficult to use that someone will invent a third-party interface and then get sued by The Zuck.
  • An enterprising inventor will come up with an infinitely scalable and completely decentralised Twitter-alike, killing Twitter.
  • Windows 8 will suck.  Microsoft will give in and bolt the Metro GUI to a UNIX back-end.
  • Ubuntu 12.10 LTS Quantal Quetzal will suck in so many ways.
  • The pirates will go legit, becoming a for-profit apparatchik of the media companies once the media bigwigs realise that digital-only distribution is the only way forward.  Get ready for the Pirate Bay Store.

The Amazing Roy has spoken.

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