Captain Roy's ADHD Guide: #Programming

Programming isn’t something you can learn at school.  It isn’t hard to pick up the basics either.  Stoke yourself with C8H10N4O2 and let’s go!

1/ You will need a proper PC; either a laptop or a desktop running a full-blown OS like Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.  NOT a tablet.  NOT a smartphone.

2/ Head over to and just start to program.  Zero previous experience is necessary.  It’s a good start and teaches you some basic concepts right from the beginning using the JavaScript language.

3/ After two or three days it’s time to move on.  Decide what platform you’d like to program for- Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, all three or the web and then download some high-powered and industry standard tools-

Windows – Visual C++
Mac OS X – XCode/Objective C
Win/Mac/Linux – Netbeans/Java
Web – Dreamweaver/HTML

NB/ There are a million different tools out there, but if you are just starting out,  you might as well dive straight into the mainstream.

4/ There is no substitute for a book.  I’d recommend something from O’Reilly publishing.  If that’s not an option, try these links to free online books-

Windows – Visual C++
Mac OS X – Objective C
Win/Mac/Linux – Java
Web – HTML

Good luck and invite me to your swimming pool in Silicon Valley when you make a zillion.  If you disappear into the Matrix, you’re on your own.

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