Ahhh Another Fine Morning In the Roy Corps – #Olympics 2012 Live Video Feed

…Every paycheck a fortune, every meal a feast, or something like that.

Just enjoying my Asia Argento (do I really need to remind you?) from the bridge of the Orbital Gunship Vortex Shredder III (OK, the reality- broken chair, broken table and HP netbook, but what the Hell?)

Last night I Tweeted most of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics 2012; finally sucked gloriously into the spirit of the games by all the surrounding hoopla.  Did I do it as a public service?  Nope, you kidding me?  I did it to be part of the excitement.

Yes, it’s over commercialised, embarrassingly hyped and I’m sure they’ll be recrimination and questions in Parliament and the Lords afterwards, but right now it’s just fun.  Like Christmas.  Of course, I don’t have to commute into London during the games, so perhaps I’m looking at things through rose-tinted supervillain goggles.

Anyway the events are go.

One thing bothering me- while I can watch everything on TV in the UK, I wonder how easy it is to watch the events live in other countries?  The official site just seems to give a schedule, results and video excerpts, but no live, continuous video feed.  The BBC HAS live video, but is it accessible outside the UK?  Let me know if it isn’t and I’ll shout at someone (for all the good it will do).

Now back to the beach volley ball, eh, rowing I mean.


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