Second Run: Nick Roeg #Movies #Reviews – #SciFi, #Horror and #Fantasy)

Here’s my take on some Nick Roeg movies-

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) – This one’s obviously going to be at the top of my list, how could it not be?  A fantastic film adaptation of superb writer Walter Tevis’s eponymous SciFi novel.  David Bowie, Candy Clark and Rip Torn perfectly cast in this tragic tale of a man far from home.  5 chainsaws and in my video collection.

Don’t Look Now (1973) – One of the best horror movies I have ever seen.  Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie utterly convincing as distraught parents coming apart at the seams after the death of their child.  Terrifying.  5 chainsaws.

The Witches (1990) – To my demented psyche this movie seems like Deathwish for kids- boy turned into mouse by horrible witch; mouse wrecks terrible vengence.    4 chainsaws.

Castaway (1986) – Adaptation of Lucy Irvine’s (played by Amanda Donahoe) biographical novel about her year as the wife of modern day Robinson Crusoe Gerald Kingsland (Oliver Reed).  Made actress Donahoe’s body famous.  4 chainsaws.

Insignificance (1985) –  Einstein meets Marilyn Monroe in THE AGE OF THE ATOM!  Da, da, daaa!  3 chainsaws.

Eureka (1983) – King Midas goes nuts in the Klondike.  Starring Gene Hackman and the excellent Rutger Hauer.  3 chainsaws

Walkabout (1971) – Aboriginal boy falls fatally in love with white girl.  Good performances, photography etc… Subject matter? Give me a break.  Art-house exploitation flick.  2 chainsaws.

See what I said about Werner Herzog.

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