London Olympics 2012: Not A Rant (For A Change)

I’ve been moaning about the Olympics a great deal in this blog, to anyone who’ll listen to me rant- in the street, in the pub, to relatives and to myself in the mirror.  No doubt before the end of the games, I’ll probably whinge Olympiadic a few more times.

But before that I’d just like to take a teeny break from rantiness and wish my countries Mauritius, the UK and Canada the best of luck in the coming games.

Sincerely. };->

Both the UK and Canada are fielding umpteen athletes, so there’s no room to mention them all.  However, Mauritius only has eleven this year so Captain Roy Big Ups to all the Mauritian athletes.

For a full list of who’s doing what, see these Beeb pages-

Mauritian athletes

UK althletes

Canadian athletes


Everyone else

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3 Responses to London Olympics 2012: Not A Rant (For A Change)

  1. timotheous says:

    Yes, indeed…c’mon you Mauritians!! Front page of the Evening Standard last night featured both Nioun and Natacha of the beach volleyball team. Good luck to those guys.


  2. Roy says:

    Evening Standard? OK, I’ll have a look, thanks for the info. };-> Roy


  3. Roy says:

    Hey, couldn’t find that article, please retweet it or something, if you can find it online. Thanks. Roy


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