.tek: Life, Geany, Waze, The Midnight Beast and Batman #tv #uk #movies #programming

Life – Haven’t been around for a few days, just so tired and stressed out looking for a house here in the South of England.  Dealing with overpriced housing and some (not all) estate agents who don’t tell you everything you need to know and leave you to spend all day driving, only to find a uninhabitable dunghill at the end of the rainbow… It’s left me feeling so damn tired.

Waze– But Some high points- I’d almost given up on using my iPhone for turn-by-turn navigation without having to fork out for a whole lot of extras that would cost as much as buying a standalone setup (e.g. the TomTom IOS App + car mount vs a cheap TomTom unit).  But last night I came across Waze; it’s a free US app, but seems to work here.  I’m going to try it later this morning to get to B&Q in Crawley.  It already seems to have found me a much shorter route.  Should do until we get IOS6.

Geany (ignore this if you aren’t a coder) – Also I’ve been getting back into programming.  Not having had  much luck so far with getting a media job (thanks NOT UK), I’m writing some software that will make me a millionaire.  Probably.  I’ve been coding in C, Pascal, Fortran, SQL, PhP, Perl, HTML and Javascript. After years of using and moaning about Vim (an extended Vi clone), I decided to make the leap to something less ancient.  You see,  I have no self-discipline and, as as a chronic tinkerer, Vim is a little too configurable.  I tend to spend more time playing with the Vim configuration file than actually programming.  So for bigger programming  tasks for which Metapad simply isn’t enough, I’ve moved to Geany.  Less configurable, but mostly works out of the box.  Sweet, but two BIG disadvantages- no user configurable syntax highlighting schemes and slower startup than Vim.

Captain Roy taking Vim customisation too far.

The Midnight Beast – Missed the first couple of episodes, but I’m starting to  enjoy this youf(ish), they’re a bit older, Spinal Tap.  It’s a bit hokeyily British in places, but still pretty funny.  I particularly enjoyed it last night on FreeView when they made fun of Rage Against the Machine because I’m a serial Rage Against the Machine tee-shirt wearer myself.   The band’s stylin’ lederhosen bit also cracked me up.   The frighteningly, ethereally attractive Sophie Wu from The Fades is in it too.  But that has no bearing on my objectivity.  None whatsoever.  Zero.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – In between, writing, job-hunting, house-hunting, programming and NOT finding time to learn the sax (or sleeping) I’ll be seeing Batman this week!


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