Crap Landlords

The dump we’re renting at the moment is falling apart around us and the landlord is bloody useless. We are living in an urban dystopia of broken windows, broken furniture, broken fittings, mould, leaks, damp, stinky drains etc… etc… etc… and the reason I needed to go to B&Q today. The sink was gushing water straight from the drain into the unit below and thence onto the floor.

The point to this rant, other than venting my spleen, is that very soon we will have an influx of visitors to the UK for the Olympics and they will be expecting decent accommodation. Take it from me, in the UK lots of hotels and landlords are crap.

So, if you are one of said prospective visitors, first – welcome! Second – be very careful arranging your accommodation. Know your rights, read This Is Money’s Rent and repairs section and complain about crap landlords at AllAgents.

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