Some Brit Comic Books I Used to Read #comics #uk #scifi

When I was a kid I spent an inordinate amount of pocket money on comics and then spent most of my time staring holes into them.  If you’re not from the UK, you probably haven’t heard of any of these.

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3 Responses to Some Brit Comic Books I Used to Read #comics #uk #scifi

  1. timotheous says:

    Nice one. Some great stuff around that time: Mighty World of Marvel; Action and Battle Picture Weekly…remember D-Day Dawson or Hook Jaw?


  2. Roy says:

    Yes! Hookjaw. I remember Battle/Action. I remember it finally got banned. I read so many comics. So many. Dandy, Beano, Beezer, Starlord, Tornado, Crunch etc… A never-ending stream of money leaving my pocket. Scroll down the FAQ a bit for the strangest reason I got into comics in the first place, (see- It’s true!


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