Future Run: Guardians of the Galaxy (and Dreadstar)

Even more Comicon stuff.  Marvel announced Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).  Future superheroes in space sort of thing (see Marvel wiki).

Makes me wonder/hope/pray that those in charge may just get round to making something like the first run of Epic Comics Dreadstar by Jim Starlin.  Come on Marvel do it.  Do it.  DO IT.  I mean look at Vanth Dreadstar, he’s got a beard, a hoody and a sword.  He might as well be me.  If I was an immortal, guilt-ridden, freedom-fighting, alien symbiote.

Dreadstar is just so brilliant, it’ll have to be the subject of another post sometime.

Someone, please track down Stan Lee and Jim Starlin and wave this damn post at them.  Wave it.  Vigorously.

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4 Responses to Future Run: Guardians of the Galaxy (and Dreadstar)

  1. The Captain says:

    I quite agree!! Dreadstar is a still-utapped resource for a star-spanning space opera that can still serve as an inspiring core storyline, and would map well to a number of venues, including film, further graphic novels, and more.


  2. The Captain says:

    Untapped…darn rented fingers!


  3. Roy says:

    Thanks for the comment!


    p.s. ANOTHER ‘Captain’ ??? (See: http://roymathur.com/ & http://roymathur.com/about.html), weird, but the more the merrier!


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