Diabolik, Satanik, Kriminal, Sadistik

So, he’s not exactly James Bond then…

Diabolik, Kriminal, Satanik, Sadistik. Whisper their names in hushed, hallowed tones, for you are in the presence of the finest characters from the school of Italian comic books and photo-novels called “Giallo” because they were printed on cheap yellow pulp.

One example is the aforementioned (very, very, very) anti-hero Diabolik, created by the Giussani sisters, who heralded a legion of other similarly murderous, charismatic, costume-clad psycho-villains, and a veritable host of deranged, black leather glove-wearing maniacs. Diabolik hit the big screen with Danger Diabolik in 1968.

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