Big News of the Big Dance. It's Big!

Big society, big this, big that. What’s that about? Is it the government lamely trying to emulate the Apple-like habit of sticking an “i” in front of everything?

I was watching the Beeb news and apparently there’s now a Big Dance thing going on at the mo. There was clip of two athletic young dancers strutting their stuff in underpants. Hey, laugh at Vegas, but at least sequin-clad showgirls look like they should be dancing. The wearing of underpants does not make something more hip, relevant or clever. It just makes those dancers look like the poor little tykes who forgot their PE kits sometime in the 70s. I was one. I remember being told that there was nothing wrong with prancing about a draughty school games hall in one’s skivvies. Today there would be a public inquiry, disciplinary action and an Ofsted report.

Okay, I’ve now lost track of where I was going with this post.

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