Second Run: Eternal Law, Episode 1 (Review)

It’s a modern Brit Highway to Heaven.  Looks nice, Ukweli Roach promising as innocent, novice, stranger in a strange land.  Ultimately though, it’s boring and limpid; I’m sure that’s the influence of the foul US mush that was Highway to Heaven.

I’m not a Jew, Christian or Muslim, but I wasn’t so terrible at religious studies at school and, as far as I recall, angels in the Torah, Bible and Qur’an are very definitely NOT nice guys.  The good ones are the sword arm of God!  The bad ones are demons and any interaction with human females results in monstrous Nephilim progeny.  If you’re going to fleece religion for material, there’s a whole host (haha) of terrifying and exciting mythoi to pick and choose from, so why this insipid, watery pea-soup?

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3 Responses to Second Run: Eternal Law, Episode 1 (Review)

  1. Evan Gipe says:

    Well in the book of Genesis in the Torah, an Angel sent by God, set off to destroy a whole city.


  2. Roy says:




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