Pre-Review: Highlander Reboot

Just commented about this on the Guardian web site

I love Highlander! If ever there was a movie that was more than the sum of it’s parts, it’s this one. Where else would you get an Egyptian, Scottish popinjay played by Sean Connery? In which other movie would you get a wicked, bananas plot about dueling immortals hacking each others’ heads off through time to the accompaniment of a cracking Queen soundtrack? It’s what proper popcorn cinema is all about.

If you don’t agree with me, I’ve got the Kurgan’s number on speed-dial.

You have been warned.

There can only be one! (And it ain’t going to be this remake).


Think about it, who looks more intense and somewhat timeless?

This guy-

Or this one-

The Kurgan’s going to eat Mr. Reynolds for lunch-

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One Response to Pre-Review: Highlander Reboot

  1. The thing with Highlander is that it was dreadful of a special kind in the first place. I consider myself lucky to have realised this at the time.


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