Graphic Novel Review: Black Metal By Rick Spears

Though I am the very antithesis of any one musical sub-culture now, as a youth I followed a number of popular trends.  Let’s see- punk, headbanger, very late and very horrible flirtation with the new romantic look (Flock of Seagulls- argh!), rocker, greaser, goth, one night as a rude-boy, finally settling on punky tinged normality.

This got me to reminiscing tonight and subsequently traipsing over to Melechesh’s MySpace page via this article on black metal bands from developing countries.  All that black metal pouring into my eardrums must have knocked something loose up there, hence this little review.

Black Metal by Rick Spears – Picked this one up quite a while ago from the graphic novel shelves at Vancouver Central Library.  In brief, twin brother metalheads find out they are the one sundered soul of a powerful demon made flesh.  Very funny, violent and properly satanic.  An epic saga into the heart of black metal.  I raise a black drinking horn of black mead to my blackened lips in salute. This will have you laughing so hard that, need I say it, black blood will eventually spew forth violently from your every orifice.  Rating: 4 chainsaws.

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