.tek: I'm Now on Tumblr Too (How To Export WordPress to Tumblr)

According to this Wired article-

So you Wanna Be an Internet Sensation?

, the best way to get noticed (and get more work) is to have a Tumblr blog.  So I did that.  Took me 20 minutes and this is how I did it-

Migrate your blog from WordPress to Tumblr

Now just make sure Sharing is turned on for Tumblr in your WordPress.com account.

One word of caution, if you are like me and have merely used Tumblr to mirror your WordPress blog, the great and terrible god Google might punish you, so in Tumblr I turned off the option that allows my Tumblr blog to be indexed.

Is it worth jumping on every social media bandwagon?  Who knows, or really cares- if it’s out there, you might as well use it.  (See my social media links on this page for example).  I’m almost everywhere on the web.  As you can see, I’ve almost completely given up on personal privacy.  Don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

Has this helped me get more work?  Eh… no actually, not yet… Fingers crossed though.  (It’s only been twenty minutes!)

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5 Responses to .tek: I'm Now on Tumblr Too (How To Export WordPress to Tumblr)

  1. metaphire says:

    which one is better? tmblr or wordpress?


  2. Roy says:


    No sure. I do find WordPress.com very flexible and powerful though.




  3. metaphire says:

    Agree, more readers I think so. But if you have Tumblr, why don’t you put inside your WordPress as Blogroll. So that, what you do will benefit both as when reader see your Tumblr on your WordPress, reader also can visit your another site.



  4. Roy says:

    I primarily use my WordPress.com blog for everything now. It just updates all my social media (including my Tumblr blog) automatically. I did try running the WordPress application from my owner hosted domain, but I found that I didn’t get very much traffic… Roy


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