.tek: Prometheus: ET's Tin Whistle is a Wicked Input Device

I mostly savaged Prometheus in my review yesterday, but one of the nice touches in the movie was the alien humanoid’s remote control whistle for interfacing with the bridge instruments on their spaceship.

I love that idea; it’s got me thinking that it maybe be easier to learn how to play a simple instrument and then use different notes and riffs to interface with technology. Imagine how easy that could make your life. No more learning how to use a million different remotes for a million different devices around the home, office, car, whatever…

Also, this is a particularly attractive proposition because I have set my heart on learning a woodwind.* I envision being able to control every aspect of my home environment using some kind of whistle! Just think X10-to-PC + some simple code to accept musical notes as input and a cheap tin whistle or recorder. Hmm…

Now, if only someone could invent that holographic alien display (see above)…

I am currently floating between sax, flute, recorder or whistle. I have hired an alto sax and bought a cheap Yamaha soprano recorder, fife and a tin whistle. Although I like the sax, I find hanging the damn thing around my neck uncomfortable and the breath required for the fife makes my vision go dark.**

Errata et Addendum (2015-08-16 05:00)

  • * & ** Hahahahahaha – that never happened.
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