.tek: Clicky Keyboard: The Only Thing I Got From Alan Sugar That Didn't Explode Into Flames

I just spent twenty UK pounds on an overpriced Y-cable from Maplins to  convert a single USB port into a PS2 keyboard and mouse port.   Why?  So I could plug in a twenty-three year old keyboard into my HP 210 netbook.  Now with a proper mouse and keyboard plugged in, typing is almost bearable.  I say almost because WordPress is one CPU hungry application.  Advice- if you are a budding writer or blogger DO invest in a proper computer.  Not a budget netbook from Argos or one of those very low priced laptops you can get from Tescos.  Do not struggle on like me with a netbook.  You’ll go yomping.

That crack about Alan Sugar in the title- well the keyboard was an Amstrad branded one from Taiwan that I got with my Amstrad  80386SX PC system for the humungous sum of £899 pounds.  You could buy a decent car for that back then.  Almost everything about the system was awful, apart from the keyboard, and there was always some kind of shorting problem with the power supply.  The thing crackled and hissed like an eager electric chair.  The computer finally caught fire after about five years of use.  Another quality product from Lord Sugar.  Just remember that next time the pontificating beardy humiliates another poor sap on The Apprentice.

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