Nerd TV Shows and Movies: So Much To Do, So Little Time…

Like Mister X‘s mumbled refrain, I’m having a little difficulty keeping up with the constant stream of geeky goodness. For some time now, other bloggers have been saying that shows aimed at nerds are the rule rather than the exception.  This, of course, is a good thing, but I’m definitely starting get fussy, or rather, selective in my viewing habits.  For example, I’ve dropped several popular TV shows- Castle, Fifth Gear, How I Met Your Mother and Primeval have all fallen by the wayside.  Oh, if it’s on, I’ll glance at it, but I’m no longer sweating over missing a few episodes.

Same with the movies- in most cases I’ll just wait for the DVD.  On the other hand, there are a few I want to see on the big screen- Prometheus (which I’m off to see this week), The Amazing Spiderman, and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

Talking about Batman, given this is Nolan’s last hurrah with the caped dude, what’s next?  Well a reboot, of course, *GROAN*.  But what about movies for all the other heroes out there?  Personally, I want a Golden Age Sandman (the bloke with the sleepy-gas-gun and a gas-mask, NOT Morpheus-the goth) and an O’Neill era The Question.  Or how about the bad guys getting their own movies?  I’d pay to see The Penguin or Mad Hatter done right on the silver-screen.   See a  pattern emerging?  Yep- MORE screen-time for DC!

One last rant- Alcatraz.  Just watched the last season and boy was it getting samey.  The last thing I wanted to see was another police procedural.  Also they seemed to drawing out the whole plot.  I’m getting a strong feeling that this should have been a mini-series, like Harper’s Island with a definite destination in mind.  By the season finale, the meandering story had me losing interest, so it was no surprise to learn that the show was cancelled in May.  Started with around nine million viewers and ended with little more than four.  Come on Abrams, reboot your Bad Robot!

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2 Responses to Nerd TV Shows and Movies: So Much To Do, So Little Time…

  1. Saul Garnell says:

    I loved Mr. X when it came out in the ’80s. Good choice.


  2. Roy says:

    Yeah, and sadly missed. I’m always hoping Dean Motter will bring him back!


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