Chronicle: Just Seen It!

Finally got to see Chronicle.  It’s the story of three typical teens- Mr. Popular, Mr. Average and Mr. Nerd.  They get superpowers, go nuts and all kinds of apocalyptic chaos ensues.  Not a bad film, but meanders a bit in the middle and then all this typical nonsensical Hollywood moralising rears its ugly head at the end.  Some echos of Akira too.  Can’t tell you too much more (spoilers), but worth a vid night.  Three chainsaws.

Catching up with Alcatraz and Grimm.

Oh yes and visited Oxford yesterday.  Quite by chance, we started off with a drink opposite the Ashmolean Museum in a pub that turned out to be J.R.R. Tolkien’s, C.S. Lewis’s et al’s old watering hole!  Expect a posting when I get the photos developed.

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One Response to Chronicle: Just Seen It!

  1. iamjimmydean says:

    i thought it was pretty darn entertaining. the ending kinda fizzled, but hey, that’s not what I watched it for. thanks for the review!


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