Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Actually saw this a few weeks ago on DVD.  Being a big, big Sherlock fan (from the books), I knew not to expect anything even near Conan-Doyle’s work, but I did enjoy the first Ritchie film so I was expecting more of the same.  But, but, but it was not even a patch on the first movie.


  • To many daylight scenes.  Didn’t play as much to the dark, smoggy, gas-lit mugger’s paradise that I suspect Victorian London / 19th Century Europe was.
  • Plot a bit long-winded and boring.
  • Moriarty, excellently played by Jared Harris, does not get nearly enough screen time.
  • Robert Downey Junior’s voice is barely comprehensible (same as the first movie) and his accent STILL sucks.  I really don’t know why this is, I mean he did such a great job in Chaplin.

I must say though, it’s still getting four chainsaws, even if it’s only for Holmes and Watson turning up at a wedding looking like casualties of the Boer war.  That’s what a REAL stag party should do to you!

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