Movie Weekend Madness: John Carter (of Mars)

Hi, it’s movie weekend madness chez Roy’s, I started watching John Carter last night and finished it over breakfast.

Dejah and John together forever.  OK, I can take the schmaltz, even the bit with a dog.  It is Disney after all.  The CGI was great and the action scenes fantastic, but let down, over-all, by the screenplay.  Average and derivative- The Mummy, The Scorpion King, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Attack of the Clones etc… all rolled into one.  Surprising, as uber-author Michael Chabon was involved.  Pity- it could have been so much more.  Still, worth a vid/pizza night.  In short- beautiful and vacuous.   Dejah is gorgeous though.

Look out for more reviews coming up. Iron Sky next.  I’ll be squared-eyed by the time the weekend is over.  Dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

P.S. Casting directors, let’s see Mark Strong NOT playing a villain for a change.

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2 Responses to Movie Weekend Madness: John Carter (of Mars)

  1. And let us not forget the beauty that is Taylor Kitsch!! Nom


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