DC's Green Arrow in New TV Show: Arrow, Trailers Etc…

I got into Green Arrow through Batman, and actually preferred the b-story featuring Green Arrow when he shared a second-billing in the Green Lantern comic book.  I also really enjoyed the 80s series The Long Bow Hunters by Mike Grell (recommended)- the short series that totally old skooled the character and story-line down to a tougher, darker, down-and-dirty place.

In fact, I got SO into Green Arrow that it made me start going to archery lessons in Lewisham and eventually tearing a ligament that took about two years to heal.  It also got me kicked out of an archery club in Catford, but that’s another story.

And then I heard that later this year we’re getting a new Green Arrow live action TV show called Arrow from the CW Network.  Am I happy?  What do you think?  Gone is Justin Hartley’s admirable Smallville interpretation of the hooded one and in comes dark-haired Stephen Amell’s hard man. From the trailer, it looks like a truer version of the origin story.  But from there it seems that they are going in a bit of a Ramboesque revenge direction.  Though this is not necessarily a bad thing.  And it does look good too- the combat, the Parkour (free-running) all choreographed to fit into the roof-top urban cityscape.

The trailers have been been out since January-

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

One last MAJOR bone to pick with copyright owners (in this case the CW Network, but also the BBC and everyone else too dimwitted to understand the GLOBAL nature of geekdom).  If you wish to publicise your show STOP showing me the words-

“Sorry, this content is not available in your location”

You are only shooting yourselves in the foot!  With a dirty great arrow.  Ouch.  Medic!

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