Emporia Esoterica Now Open – I'm Now Selling Stuff…

Just re-opened my eBay account a few days ago to sell off some odds and ends I have laying about.  Check out Emporia Esoterica

At the moment I’ve got an ex-demo Alphasmart Neo 2 for sale (yeah that thing above)[SOLD].

I miss the old free Yahoo auctions.  Remember those halcyon days?  eBay’s just harder to use and filled with crooks. Do I sound a tad ungrateful? Oh just bill me eBay… oh yeah you already have.

The long-term plan is to move to Zencart, the free online shop, when I have time to pore over the zillion configuration options that is.

All I need now is a Millennium Falcon to become a real interstellar merchant! Harry Mudd, Nicholas van Rjinn, Neelix look out!

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