Future Nasty: Breaking Bad Season Five and Second Run: Eden Lake


My favourite supervillain is back for a last hurrah this July. Yep, Walter White, ex-school teacher and meth cook par excellence, is returning, post the amazingly gory finale of season four after his bomb ripped Los Pollos Hermanos owner and king-pin Gus’s face in half.

My prediction? No moral ending- Walter ends up drug boss and happy with it. Jesse finally implodes from guilt and either kills himself or goes back to school. I’m hoping that AMC does not wimp out and finagle some sort of some big moral lesson to us plebs. Though judging by previous episodes, I’m sure they won’t. (But just in case, a message to AMC- DON’T MESS WITH THE MAGIC!). Predicting five chainsaws.

Oh, I just watched Eden Lake (two chainsaws) on the goggle-box a couple of nights ago, you know- the so-called “hoodie horror” Brit flick. And you know what? Not one of those loveable, murderous little psycho tykes actually wears a hoody in the whole damn movie. I do though, regularly, while out running, in the morning, while it’s still dark, because it’s bloody cold you know and besides some of these young’uns on their way to school have really nice phones. Jus’ sayin’.

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