.tek: Snake Oil (Dodgy Tech) Watch: Boots Anti-Snoring Ring

I love products like this- they give me the chance to vent my innate misanthropy in a constructive manner. Just a little context- Boots is probably the most reputable and popular high street pharmacists in the UK.

Recently they’ve started selling “The Good Night Anti Snoring Ring”. Apparently based on Chinese acupressure techniques, simply wearing the damn thing is supposed to alleviate snoring. Yeah right. As it comes with a money-back guarantee, I suppose they are banking on a few million quick sales with only a few muggles bothering to go through the return procedure in order to rake in profits before it’s resigned to that same warehouse of useless crap as the copper anti-arthritis bracelet. Mind you, I could be wrong. The copper bracelet is still around, extending its appeal to the terminally gullible by adding the magic of magnets. Maybe they’ll add magnets to this thing soon.

We really need Pen, Teller and James Randy to be HALO’d into the UK for some anti-BS special ops. But until that happens, my advice based on personal experience, is that the best cure for a snoring partner is divorce. Wait a minute though, magnets? Maybe I’ll become more attractive if I line my bobble hat with magnets.

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